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Dear Friends,

Thank you for being interested in learning more about my run for Town Council. We've created this website to provide information about the election process, to present the platform that I represent and the experience that I offer. As we move through the election cycle, I will endeavor to update this website with the most current information available.

If you are like me, you feel a very special connection to our Town. For some this connection was established decades ago. For others it has been a more recent experience. But regardless of when you came to this town or whether you live on a hillside or in the flatlands chances are that you, like me, have come to appreciate this special place for its unique land use patterns, limited government, small town atmosphere, gorgeous scenic views and vistas, and strong and vibrant sense of community. I chose to run for Town Council because I am passionate about our Town and I think that with a little more long-range planning and strategic visioning, our Town can embrace many future new generations of Paradise Valley natives while maintaining the unique and special sense of place that we all have come to appreciate.

Yours in service,

Dan Schweiker

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